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Latest Review: "A fabulous show with absolutely incredible acting (especially Christopher Boone) and ingenious set d..."

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    Saturday, 8th Apr 2017 by Fiona Robinson

A fabulous show with absolutely incredible acting (especially Christopher Boone) and ingenious set design. Loved the first act but the second act was marred by the inclusion of live animals - unnecessary and cruel.

    Tuesday, 6th Dec 2016 by lamberg greensways parkveiw

was a stunning show

    Sunday, 3rd Jul 2016 by Irene A

I had read that this was a mystery. There was hardly any mystery in it, the plot is really about an autistic youth, the set was fairly bare (basic to say the least) and the acting average. I would not have gone to see it if I had realised that it was not a mystery and was very disappointed at my wasted time. I would definitely not recommend it to anyone and cannot understand the rave reviews for it.

    Wednesday, 8th Jun 2016 by Theresa

This post is on the nearly anniversary of my being there, at the Gielgud. And I'm posting it now, because a year has passed and I still have flashes of the brilliance of the performance.

Yes, I was taken there as a treat, on a weekend in London with the two most special women in my world, but still, I know the difference between something special and a dud.

This one's something special.

I would happily go again, and again, and again (even minus my most special women). and again, and again

    Sunday, 27th Dec 2015 by Suzanna

I absolutely loved this! My friend took me to see it as a birthday present and now I'm taking my mum and sister to see it! If you loved the book, you'll love this! Though it's not necessary to have read the book first. The staging is amazing and so cleverly done and whoever plays Christopher does a fantastic job at representing a teenager with autism. An absolutely must see - brilliant show!

    Friday, 13th Nov 2015 by Rhys

First theatre show I've ever been to, it was brilliant, staging was wicked and had some funny and rememorable characters! Would strongly recommend it to anyone given I am just 16 :)

    Saturday, 1st Aug 2015 by Samantha

Superb play, excellent cast, especially Mike Noble as the lead. Enjoyed every minute of it. Would pay to see it again. X

    Sunday, 12th Jul 2015 by Ian

Be aware, this is not as good as the critics suggest. It is really quite average, and you do feel the time dragging on. The set design is original but bland, and the acting merely satisfactory. All in all, there are better things to spend your money on.

    Tuesday, 17th Mar 2015 by Pauline Moody

A brilliant production. Absolutely loved it. Graham Butler was outstanding. Everything from the cast to the staging was first class. Would definitely recommend it.

    Monday, 23rd Feb 2015 by Chrisdy34

Excellent production ruined by immediate, gratuitous and excessive swearing and blasphemy.

I know this is in the book, but from the very first line (something like 'F******g Christ') this made me uncomfortable and impaired my enjoyment considerably.

Even my husband who turns the air blue on a frequent basis commented on this, saying he felt it was unnecessary.

What a shame an otherwise very clever and well portrayed and brilliantly acted story was marred by this.

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Booking From: Saturday, 20th November 2021
Booking Until: Sunday, 9th January 2022
Running Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Age Restriction: Recommended Age: 11+. Under 5's and babies in arms will not be admitted.
Important Info: This production contains strobe lighting, smoke effects, high intensity video & light effects, and loud sound effects. Suitable for 11yrs+ There is some strong language in this production, as there is in the novel. This occurs at the very beginning of the show and infrequently at other points during the show. Latecomers will be asked to wait whilst watching the latecomers' monitor until a scene called ‘The Street’ before being allowed into the auditorium. This is approximately 15 minutes into Act 1. Audience members arriving after this time will be required to wait until the interval.
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Sat: 2.30pm and 7.30pm
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