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The capital has so much to offer and whilst you will undoubtedly be arriving in London to take in the talents on display in a West End theatre, there is so much more to the city than meets the eye, making the choice of a London Theatre Break a necessity.

Whilst the theatre alone is enough to offer a memorable experience, taking part in a London Theatre Break offers a wide range of activities and the time to witness all of the sights and sounds of our world famous capital city.

London contains so many attractions that it is impossible not to find something to do. In the nation’s capital there are well known landmarks to catch your eye, culturally significant entertainment facilities and historically significant areas of interest and wonder. There are even attractions such as the London Eye, which allows you a fantastic view of the surrounding area, whilst museums and art galleries give you plenty to feast your eyes on a little closer to the ground. And when you are not taking in the sights, you could be walking down Oxford Street, visiting some well known high street shops or checking out what is on offer locally.

But then there is the theatre and London Theatre Breaks also offer the ticket to some of the best known shows in the world, from long running offerings like “The Mousetrap” and “The Phantom of the Opera” to more recent offerings that keep the landscape fresh and exciting. Then when the play, musical, comedy, opera or ballet is over you can dine in luxury at a top restaurant whilst relaxing in a top London hotel. When it comes to experiencing London, look no further than a London Theatre Break.

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